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I die like waves
Daniel Orisaeke

Eleni Kotsira

On the shoreline, I watch  
      the sun — a halved-cut lemon 
    dip into the sea,  
language written 
     in the dance of waves; 
there is a pull and I succumb. 
  The man beside me murmurs a few words  
about dying. 

like beads, jut out from my pores  
    before hands 
drown me into a sea of lemonade. 
        I die like the waves. 
A bitter-sweet enveloping — opaque & quiet 
there is a pain before I see black.  
I wonder if my tears segregate,  
       seeking absolution. 
I resurrect a new creature — made whole  
but the sourness lingers. 

This poem was first published in the Poetry Column of Nigerian NewsDirect.  

Daniel Orisaeke (he/him) is a poet and a dental student in the University of Nigeria, Enugu. He’s a lover of evening strolls, music, rain, stargazing and the mystery of small things in the universe.

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Meet the author: Daniel Orisaeke

an interview conducted by Otherwise fiction and non-fiction editor Niharika Pandit

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