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Issue no. 2 

March 2021 - May 2021


Emma Lochery/Bottle No.4 

accidentally // ˌæksɪˈdent(ə)li


1 story every 3 weeks from March until the end of May.


 In this issue, we explore the accidental and the unexpected, how it shapes our existence and what we learn from it. Koreen Reece narrates how a commute was turned upside down. Dino Caruna takes us into the middle of a bar brawl and its chain of consequences. Fatima Raja describes the quiet alienation experienced by those caring for the sick. Manal Massalha narrates how young single mothers living in temporary accommodation fought back against unexpected evictions, and empowered themselves not to be silenced. Finally, Anand Pandian follows a plastic fragment found by accident in the waters off the shore of Greece.

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The commute

Drivers often got impatient with the wait on the narrow, two-lane highway.

Koreen Reece

 published on March 3


A bar brawl

When Ibrahim punched Bekele in the face, I found myself in a weird position.

Dino Caruna

published on March 24

Canal Park - teaser.jpg

Canal Park

At the end of their tether after months of caring for a sick mother, two sisters stepped out for an evening’s respite.

Fatima Raja

published on April 14


Keep us in London!

Appalled by the injustice that was about to befall them, young single mothers decided to campaign against their eviction and became an inspiration for many

Manal Massalha

published on May 5



“I have to show you what I just found,” she called out.

Anand Pandian

published on May 26

Accidentally was curated by Marco Di Nunzio and Fatima Raja

Stories were edited by Fatima Raja, Ewa Majczak and Marco Di Nunzio 

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