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Life is a struggle. In this issue, we explore individual and collective struggles and the pursuit of something different, better or, in some cases, real.


Ana Gutiérriez recounts the story of Denise and her journey through sex work in London, and the dilemmas of lying and caring.  Letizia Bonanno illustrates the struggles of carrying out fieldwork in austerity Athens.  Marco Di Nunzio narrates the life of Anna and her struggle to deal with exclusion, injustice and the camorra in Naples. AbdouMaliq Simone tells us how forgetting creates spaces of possibility in West Papua. Finally, The Justice Empowerment Initiative shares experiences of the anti-eviction movement in Lagos and its fight for a more just city.

ˌæksɪˈdent(ə)li // (accidentally)

In this issue, we explore the accidental and the unexpected, how it shapes our existence and what we learn from it.


Koreen Reece narrates how a commute was turned upside down. Dino Caruna takes us into the middle of a bar brawl and its chain of consequences. Fatima Raja describes the quiet alienation experienced by those caring for the sick. Manal Massalha narrates how young single mothers living in temporary accommodation fought back against unexpected evictions, and empowered themselves not to be silenced. Finally, Anand Pandian follows a plastic fragment found by accident in the waters off the shore of Greece.


In this issue the past comes to comfort or to haunt us through the materiality of objects, memories and places. 


Orkideh Behrouzan tells of visual memories of childhood and war. Helena Wulff finds a fountain pen bearing memories of those long dead. Tamás Máhr recalls rehearsed ceremonies and national anthems. Kuo Zhang revisits ‘Colorado’s Grand Canyon’ in Beijing. Finally, Lana Askari films memories of war, death and dislocation.

Memento’s cover image is by Daniel Schlierenzauer


In this issue, we explore the texture of closeness as intimacy is experienced through the longing for proximity. 


Noha Fikry returns to the human and non-human relationships that create meaning in a Cairo home. Marcello Francioni learns on the job in a Tokyo gay bar. Niharika Pandit narrates moments of solidarity amidst conflict. Lee Campbell speaks of the restless search to connect. Finally, Adelaide Di Nunzio documents family life during Naples' corona lockdown.