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Story of Mirrors
José Sherwood González

'Story of Mirrors' is to be published in Studies in Comics 12.1 (forthcoming, 2022)

José Sherwood González is a British Mexican comics artist and visual anthropologist with research interests in memory, storytelling and multi-perspectival myth-making through visual, sensory and digital methods. Since 2014, he has worked in Mexico City, investigating the ways in which families create and embody myths through storytelling. He is Visual and Sound Editor for Otherwise Magazine, and makes comics and ethno-graphics inspired by the plurality of experience, from migrant workers on gig platforms to mythologising Mexican families. A recent graduate from the MA in Visual Anthropology at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, José is currently pursuing a practice-based PhD in the School of Digital Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University on XR-based speculative fictions and immersive comics.

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