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Issue no. 12

May - August 2024


Nicola Mazzuia

1 story every 3 weeks from late May until the start of August

This issue is about ruptures, about the cracks that appear between us and our pasts, our futures and our selves. Imran Sarihasan and Navjotpal Kaur depict a young man caught in stillness and war. J.D. Isip swims out into the unknown. Gwen Burnyeat writes of navigating deadly chasms in politics. Bincy Mariya N tells of a chance encounter on the train home for Christmas. Finally, Fran Mascia-Lees traces the silences in her father's story.

The cover images for Ruptures are by Nicola Mazzuia, from the series


‘Let us escape to Syria,’ he suggested

published on May 22


Before I was afraid of the ocean, / I’d swim in it

published on June 12


Between two waters

He wasn’t with his father the day that the guerrilla kidnapped him

Gwen Burnyeat

to appear on July 3



'You know, this is my suicide note,' she said

Bincy Mariya N

to appear on July 24

Rupture_Mascia Lees.jpg

Echoes of St Joseph's

How do I tell my father's story?

Fran Mascia-Lees

to appear on August 7

Ruptures was curated by Olivia Casagrande

Stories were edited by Olivia Casagrande, Eleni Kotsira, Fatima Raja and Grace Zhou

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