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Issue no. 1 

November 2020 - February 2021

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Adelaide Di Nunzio/New Cairo 

STRUGGLES is our first collection of stories.


1 story every 3 weeks from mid-November until the beginning of February


Life is a struggle. In this issue, we explore individual and collective struggles and the pursuit of something different, better or, in some cases, real. Ana Gutiérriez recounts the story of Denise and her journey through sex work in London, and the dilemmas of lying and caring. Letizia Bonanno illustrates the struggles of carrying out fieldwork in austerity Athens. Marco Di Nunzio narrates the life of Anna and her struggle to deal with exclusion, injustice and the camorra in Naples. AbdouMaliq Simone tells us how forgetting creates spaces of possibility in West Papua. Finally, The Justice & Empowerment Initiatives share experiences of the anti-eviction movement in Lagos and its fight for a more just city.

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The dilemmas of lying and caring

Lying and caring appear to be contradictory pulls, yet they signal an important ethical practice. By lying, Denise was protecting herself and those she loved.

Ana P. Gutiérrez Garza

published on November 18

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Loops of struggle

I had several crises of presence during my fieldwork, some would call them crises of ethnographic authority – but, as an antiauthoritarian, I'd rather stick to the existential side of it.

Letizia Bonanno

published on December 9



When she was born she did not know she bore such a dangerous surname. "It is my brothers who made it like that", she told me.

Marco Di Nunzio

published on December 30


In forgetting

In the midst of the most vicious instantiations of settler colonialism - present-day West Papua - what does it mean to spatialise a prolonged forgetting of whatever has been done so far, so as to invent territories of operation, perhaps unrecognisable to all?

Abdoumaliq Simone

published on January 20


Everything dey scatta

A megacity consumes itself, but dreams live on.

Justice & Empowerment Initiatives and the Nigerian Slum/Informal Settlement Federation

published on February 10

Struggles was curated by Marco Di Nunzio and Fatima Raja

Stories were edited by Fatima Raja, Diego Maria Malara, Koreen Reece, Marco Di Nunzio and Lindsay Sawyer 

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