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Issue no. 8 

February 2023 - April 2023

taking stock

Cassette at home @ wedonoteatbuildings 

1 story every 3 weeks from the beginning of February until the beginning of May


 In this issue, we take stock to celebrate our "terrible twos" by republishing a selection of our most popular stories. Ana Gutiérriez recounts the story of Denise and her journey through sex work in London, and the dilemmas of lying and caring. Anand Pandian follows a plastic fragment found by accident in the waters off the shore of Greece. Lana Askari films memories of war, death and dislocation. Noha Fikry returns to the human and non-human relationships that create meaning in a Cairo home. Alexandros Plasatis sends us on a frantic search for love from one end of Greece to the other.


The dilemmas of lying and caring

"Denise was protecting herself and those she loved"

Ana P. Gutiérrez Garza

published on February 2



“I have to show you what I just found”

Anand Pandian

published on February 24


Bury me here

‘but in the end Kurdistan became a graveyard’

Lana Askari

published in March 23


Recipes for relating

'The rivulet’s tentacles extended even more with the stories of their cousin Diaa'

Noha Fikry

published on April 12


The story with Yuliya has a bad ending

What sort of café frappé is this, Pavlo, man?

Alexandros Plasatis

published on May 3

TAKINGSTOCK was curated by Marco Di Nunzio

Stories were edited by Fatima Raja, Diego Maria Malara, Koreen Reece, Marco Di Nunzio and Asiya Islam

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