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Bodies in space
Marina Srnka

Caro Diario,

That year we yearned for the old Bologna, the wild and chaotic one: spaces filled
with bodies.

We were locked down in our dorms. In endless circles, we inhaled the concrete loneliness.
The anxiety crawled all over the skin, like an invisible colony of ants.

So, we had to escape.

And there we were:
Roaming the empty streets,
Trying to feel something,
In this mineral city. 

Photographer: Marina Srnka

Model: Anton Glita

Marina Srnka is a Serbian poet, photographer, and dance critic. She has a MA in European Literary Cultures from the Universities of Bologna and Strasbourg, and she is currently doing a second MA in Cultural Studies at KU Leuven. In both her artistic and academic work, she explores the role of the body in art and society.

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Meet the author: Marina Srnka

An interview conducted by Otherwise creative non-fiction and memoir editor, Laura Moran

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