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Issue no. 11

February - May 2024

Bodies lb.jpg

 Letizia Bonanno

1 story every 3 weeks from early February until the start of May


 This issue celebrates bodies; in their imperfect shape and finite nature. Bodies filling space, or struggling to situate themselves within it. Bodies defining times and by time bound. Alejandra Pizarro Choy reclaims the female body’s agency across public and private spaces. Laci Felker re-approaches the body through the changes it experiences in sickness. Marina Srnka portrays bodies rejoining the forbidden outdoors. Jerome Berglund becomes witness to unfortunate daily encounters between bodies and objects. Finally, Katie McCurdy challenges the impact of disability on the body’s potential.

The cover image for Bodies is by Letizia Bonanno

editor's note by Eleni Kotsira

Pizarro Choy picture -small.jpg

‘I am no dead soil waiting for your seed’ – ‘No soy tierra muerta esperando tu semilla’

Alejandra Pizarro Choy

published on February 7

Felker picture.jpg

It's such a pain (literally)

You’re so young, people said, you can’t have that much trouble

Laci Felker

to appear on February 28

Srnka picture -small.jpg

Bodies in space

‘That year we yearned for the old Bologna, the wild and chaotic one’

Marina Srnka

to appear on March 20

Berglund picture.jpg

Look down

‘we’ll have to accept this imperfect solution apparently to the best of our ability’

Jerome Berglund

to appear on April 10

McCurdy picture.jpg

Floor bound

‘The linings of your bones have walked the world but never got to dream’

Katie McCurdy

to appear on May 1

Bodies was curated by Eleni Kotsira

Stories were edited by Eleni Kotsira, Fatima Raja, José Sherwood Gonzalez, Laura Moran, Olivia Casagrande & Marco Di Nunzio

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