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Issue no. 9

June 2023 - September 2023

F- r. a ; g ! m ? e ) n , t * s

 "For the straightforward pathway had been lost"
Emma Lochery // wedonoteatbuildings 

1 story every 3 weeks from mid June until mid September


 Life is not a straight line. In this issue, we narrate life as it is, made of temporary, contingent and distinct fragments of experience. Gautam Bisht follows Viksa as he pursues dreams of stable employment. Augusto de Luca searches for the best camera shot to picture Italian ballet legend Carla Fracci. Sohini Sengupta catches memories and moments that pass. Alexus Erin lingers in the exhaustion of commitment. Timothy Reed & Spoon Jackson nurture the power of poetry to tell what is to be a student of life and humanity while being incarcerated.

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"When two equal and opposite forces are acting on a body, the net force acting on a body becomes?"

Gautam Bisht

published on June 14

Carla Fracci e Augusto De Luca. 5.jpg


"I remember it well. I met her at a dinner at her place"

Augusto de Luca

published on July 5


A moment of choice

“You are not great in the memory department. But whatever!! Read mine.”

Sohini Sengupta

published on July 26


Poem I’m Afraid to Commit To


Alexus Erin

published on August 23

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Tomorrow's Ken

"For prisons are created internally

are are found everywhere"

Timothy Reed & Spoon Jackson

published on September 13

F- r. a ; g ! m ? e ) n , t * s was curated by Marco Di Nunzio & Letizia Bonanno

Stories were edited by Fatima Raja, Ewa Majczak, Jose Sherwood Gonzalez, Orkideh Behrouzan, Letizia Bonanno and Marco Di Nunzio

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