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Issue no. 3

June 2021 - September 2021


Daniel Schlierenzauer/Memento


1 story every 3 weeks from mid-June until the beginning of September

 In this issue the past comes to comfort or to haunt us through the materiality of objects, memories and places. Orkideh Behrouzan tells of visual memories of childhood and war. Helena Wulff finds a fountain pen bearing memories of those long dead. Tamás Máhr recalls rehearsed ceremonies and national anthems. Kuo Zhang revisits ‘Colorado’s Grand Canyon’ in Beijing. Finally, Lana Askari films memories of war, death and dislocation.

Memento’s cover image is by Daniel Schlierenzauer



You blew the dust off the lens

Orkideh Behrouzan

 published on June 16

Wulff Image - credit Niklas Wulff.png

Someone else’s memento

Starting with his desk, I soon found an old-fashioned fountain pen carelessly tucked into a drawer

Helena Wulff

published on July 7


Blood Field

So, we were marching in the Blood Field. Up and down. Classes were cancelled. Blood Field in the morning for school, Blood Field in the afternoon, for football or ping-pong

Tamás Máhr

published on July 28


Colorado’s Grand Canyon

‘What a steal! We saw the whole world in one day. Only cost 20 yuan!’ Grandma shouted

Kuo Zhang

published on August 18


Bury me here

‘but in the end Kurdistan became a graveyard’

Lana Askari

published on September 8

Memento was curated by Fatima Raja and Marco Di Nunzio

Stories were edited by Fatima Raja, Ewa Majczak,  Marco Di Nunzio and Francesca Meloni

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