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ollin (noun) [ˈoʎin]:
José Sherwood Gonzalez

José Sherwood Gonzalez

Ollin is the 17th day sign of the Mesoamerican calendar.


The glyph symbolises movement; the crossing of masculine and feminine, nocturnal and diurnal, cold and warm forces, whose constant opposition gives origin to the movement of the cosmos.


For without the change of seasons, without the cycles of day and night, birth and death, the world would stand still, unchanged, and life would not be possible.

José Sherwood Gonzalez is a British Mexican artist and visual anthropologist with research interests in memory, storytelling and truth-making through visual, sensory and digital methods. Since 2014, he has worked in Mexico City, investigating the ways in which families create and embody myths through storytelling. A recent graduate from the MA in Visual Anthropology at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, José is an international researcher who balances the practical and theoretical aspects of digital and visual anthropology through comics and other creative/participatory methods. Jose is also the visual and sonic editor of OtherwiseMag

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