Issue no. 5 

January 2022 - April 2022


Emma Lochery // The fisherman's net

1 story every 3 weeks from mid-January until the beginning of April.


 In this issue, we look at stories through someone else's eyes. Veronika Groke imagines an encounter with history in Bolivia. Jose Sherwood's Mexican family history takes an unexpected turn. Derek Moss meets a chemist in Brussels seeking to leave a mark on the world. Alexandros Plasatis sends us on a frantic search for love from one end of Greece to the other. Finally, Emiko Stock follows the histories that can't be inscribed on Cambodian tombstones.

No time for revolutions

‘It seems I already have one recruit,’ he said.

Veronika Groke

published on January 12


A desire for traces

His inventories rolled out of his brain like tickets from the cash register

Derek Moss

to be published on February 23

story of mirrors.jpg

Story of Mirrors

Your uncles are lying!

Jose Sherwood

to be published on February 2


The story with Yuliya has a bad ending

What sort of café frappé is this, Pavlo, man?

Alexandros Plasatis

 to be published on March 16


Yours, imprecisely

What could have been carved on those tombstones that is now swiped onto her screen?

Emiko Stock

to be published on April 6