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Issue no. 10

October 2023 - January 2024


 Ollin // José Sherwood Gonzalez

1 story every 3 weeks from the end of October until mid-January


 Movement without motion and motion without movement. In this issue, we explore the struggle of mobility and the experiences of having one's movement constrained, limited and repressed. Rodi Cotenescu films the unexpected encounters of people on the move. The BelMix team narrates migration and conjugal mixednessRadhika Oberoi lingers in exile and the realities of what is deemed newsworthy. Didem Caia embraces the relentlessness of family memories and the labour of learning new words. Finally, Morgan Reid captures the affective hardships of movement and of being stuck. 


"Please, I would like a single room"

Rodi Cotenescu

in collaboration with

published on October 25

Bel mix.JPG

"The path to intimacy often requires knowledge"


published on November 15


"... and the Prime Minister-in-exile suddenly felt tired"

Radhika Oberoi

published on December 6


"I have the nervousness of those days

still present in my fingers"

Didem Caia

published on December 27


"We went to bed hungry, again"

Morgan Reid

published on January 17

Movement was curated by Fatima Raja,  Emily Kennedy,  Niharika Pandit & Marco Di Nunzio

Stories were edited by Fatima Raja, Francesca Meloni, Emily Kennedy, Marco Di Nunzio, Niharika Pandit, Grace Zhou and Eleni Kotsira

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